Networking is BACK!

Love NAIOPWA virtual events but miss the camaraderie of an in-person breakfast? Networking is back, with an innovative way to attend from the comfort of your home or office.

With a new webinar hosting platform, you can now personally connect with other attendees at NAIOPWA virtual events. Unlike other platforms, our new software lets you directly see, chat, and engage with your colleagues at virtual event tables. It’s like you’ve sat down in the Four Seasons ballroom again. So, grab your seat! It’s time to network.

Exciting new features include:

  • Private messaging to any fellow attendee
  • Virtual table branding for sponsor companies
  • Seat selection, with ability to preview who is already seated at a table – network on YOUR terms
  • Seamless transition between virtual networking and live broadcast
  • Ability to see other attendees face-to-face

Have questions? Email [email protected].


How is this different from other platforms NAIOPWA has used to host webinars?

Our new software is a dynamic, multi-faceted event platform that goes beyond simple webinar streaming. With other platforms, your experience can feel very solitary, especially without face-to-face, pre-show networking opportunities or direct messaging. The new platform capably connects attendees throughout virtual live events in more meaningful ways.

What is a virtual table?

It’s exactly how it sounds. When you enter the webinar session, you can choose a “table” to join. Anyone sitting at that table enters into a group video session where guests can message each other and watch the live event together – just like in person!

Can I change tables?

Yes! If you want to change tables for any reason, you simply leave the table you’re at and find another one – allowing for even greater opportunities to connect with a wide array of industry colleagues. YOU choose who you want to network with! 

Can I direct message other attendees? Are these chats stored?

Yes! You will now be able to private message other attendees during NAIOPWA webinars. Private messages are not permanently stored for privacy reasons.

I already signed up for a couple of webinars this fall. Are my old access links still good?

No. The NAIOPWA team is working diligently to ensure all registered attendees have the correct access links for any webinars they’ve signed up for. If you have a concern about your link, please email [email protected]

Can I call in using my phone?

Not currently. However, you can access the event using your smartphone’s internet browser, if desired.

What browser do I need to use to attend the virtual event? 

The desktop version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is recommended.