Online Learning

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home indefinitely. While it's a time of uncertainty and disruption, time invested in education and training is always time well spent. That's why NAIOP is offering all on-demand courses* absolutely free to all members through June 1.


The Center offers 10 separate course selections based on NAIOP's core competencies. Workgroups, case studies, analytical problem solving, applied techniques and forms of multi-media are used to promote a rich learning and networking environment. Each course is 16 hours and can be completed online or onsite. Learn more.

Certificate Programs

Whether you want to further your career on your current chosen path or gain a solid understanding of best practices in an entirely different segment of the industry, there's no better way to demonstrate your commitment to the commercial real estate industry and your own professional development than by earning a NAIOP Certificate of Advanced Study. Learn more.


NAIOP’s online courses give you the skills and knowledge to achieve your career goals. If you would like to deepen your understanding of commercial real estate best practices and applied skills – without committing to a set weekly schedule of courses – look no further than The Center for Education’s On-Demand courses. Learn more