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Strengthen Your Influence through NAIOP WA Sponsorship 

Create awareness for your business among the region’s leading firms in commercial real estate development. Our structured sponsorship program offers you the opportunity to make an investment in year-round visibility by writing just one check. Depending on your level of investment, your company receives points to spend on items such as event, app or online sponsorships, or event tickets. 

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The Seattle Squeeze is Coming! No NAIOPWA January Breakfast

Due to the permanent closure of the Viaduct beginning on January 11, we can expect new levels of traffic and a "new normal" when it comes to commuting downtown. Commuters are encouraged to explore alternate methods of transportation and employers are being asked to offer their employees alternatives to peak-hour, single-passenger commuters. 

By skipping our customary monthly breakfast in January, NAIOPWA hopes to encourage CRE businesses to explore these alternatives, and to avoid adding pressure to an already challenging traffic situation. 

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Transform The Way You Network—Join NAIOPWA Today

Commercial real estate is a non-stop, dynamic industry — miss a beat and you’re left in the construction dust. In Puget Sound’s evolving market, it’s more important than ever to foster your networking circles, educate yourself on industry trends and be part of a steadfast association that you can rely on to work attentively for you.

Our vision is straightforward — advancing responsible commercial real estate development, ownership and investment — and our approach is anything but ordinary. The connections you make through NAIOP are integral to the success of your business. 

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