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Local Elections Signal Cautious Optimism for CRE, Advocacy Wins in City of Seattle

The latest results of the 2023 Seattle City Council election indicate a new phase for NAIOPWA’s local advocacy.  Through a substantial fundraising effort, we were able to support candidates in key races who offer a change in direction for many important issues our industry faces.

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NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Feb 24

Today, February 24, 2023, is the final day for consideration of bills in the fiscal committees (unless necessary to implement the budget). Starting Monday and until March 8, legislators will be focused on floor debate in each chamber. By March 8, bills from the original chamber need to be passed to the other chamber.

To view NAIOP's bill tracking report and the full legislative update, log in to your NAIOPWA member profile by clicking below. 

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NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Feb 17

Friday, February 17 is policy committee cutoff, meaning all bills need to be out of their policy committee or they will not advance.  The fiscal committees will meet next week and have until February 24 to act on bills. Today’s report still shows bills that may be voted on in today’s hearings.

To view NAIOP's bill tracking report and the full legislative update, log in to your NAIOPWA member profile by clicking below. 

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NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Feb 10

The last week of bills to be heard in policy committees is next week.  The focus next week will be considering amendments and voting bills out of committee. Bills with a fiscal impact will have until February 24 to be considered and voted on.  In the meantime, both the Senate and the House will start to spend more time on the floor debating and passing legislation to the other body.

Log in to your NAIOPWA member profile to see the status of the bills we are following and committee hearings next week.

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NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Feb 3

The week of February 6 is week five.  The focus will be on policy committee activity on hundreds of bills.  We have two weeks to go prior to the February 17 cut off. You can find next week’s hearings in the upcoming events section by logging in to your NAIOPWA member profile below.   Also, the bill status section of the bill tracking overview will illustrate where the bill is at in the process as of Friday, February 3.

I will provide a more detailed update of which priority bills have moved out of committee after February 17. 

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NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Jan 27

Week three was focused on committee hearings with hundreds of bills being considered by the various policy committees.  Next week will be the same.  You can review the new bill introductions as well as next week’s hearings using your member profile. For more information about becoming a member, contact Danielle Duvall, [email protected].

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NAIOPWA 2023 State Legislature Update - Jan 13

NAIOP Washington State 2023 Legislative Report - Week 1

Greg Hanon, Communico

The 2023 session of the Washington State Legislature convened on January 9 for a 105-day legislative session. This is the first since 2020 to completely return to Olympia for both committee hearings as well as floor action.  One addition to the legislative process is the complete integration of hybrid legislative hearings allowing for both in person testimony as well as remote testimony allowing individuals who cannot make the trip to Olympia to participate in hearings from around the state.

Per tradition, the first few days were dedicated to the organization of the legislature, the swearing in of public officials, as well as a state of the state address from Governor Inslee in which he presented his priorities for the legislative session.  Governor Inslee outlined several policies including significant increases in spending on housing, homelessness, behavioral health, and education.  He also advanced policies on gun control and abortion rights.

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State Capital Gains Tax & CRE - WA Legislature 2021 Report – Week 8

On Saturday, March 6, the state Senate passed a bill that would create a new capital gains tax in Washington State affecting any assets sold in excess of $250,000. Although the bill excludes real estate, as written, it would still have significant impact on the CRE industry. 

Click here to read more about the Senate bill and how it defines real estate, and how you can take action today. (Login required; member-only content.)

February 2021 Government Affairs Update + WA Legislature 2021 Report – Week 7

NAIOPWA Member McKenzie Darr of The Wolff Company has compiled a concise update of our chapter advocacy updates, including news and bills we're keeping our eye onFor more information about getting involved with NAIOPWA's government affairs efforts, click here.


The 2021 legislative session is underway. NAIOPWA is publishing exclusive weekly legislative updates online for chapter members. Select key pieces of legislation proposed this session are outlined below. 

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Washington State Legislature 2021 Report – Week 4

We're beginning the fifth week of the session, and bills must be passed out of policy committees in one week's time--Monday, Feb. 15, is the deadline.

The early action COVID relief package is expected to pass the Senate this week (HB 1368). Both chambers now have transportation packages in play and a capital gains bill has been introduced in the House. 

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Washington State Legislature 2021 Report – Week 3

NAIOPWA's state lobbyist, Greg Hanon, sends weekly reports for NAIOPWA members during the legislative session. These include a brief overview of session activity and highlights of the most pertinent issues for our industry. Additionally, Greg includes a complete list of bills and hearings that inform how we do business in Washington State. You'll see a link to download that list at the end of each short weekly update.

After three complete weeks in session, two weeks of policy hearings are next. Bills need to be passed out of policy committee by February 15.

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NAIOP Member Call to Action Regarding Rent Control

NAIOPWA is a member of the Partnership for Affordable Housing. We are committed to policies that increase housing creation, access, and affordability. Legislators are considering a rent control bill that would have grave consequences for housing creation and long-term access to affordable housing. SB 5139 would impose the strictest rent control in the nation.

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Member Advocacy Update: What's Ahead in 2021 for Cities & WA State

What's ahead for commercial real estate in 2021? Seattle will have another wide-open mayoral election, Olympia will battle huge shifts in revenues related to COVID-19, NAIOPWA's seeing movement on initiatives on the Eastside, and much more is on the table. Click here to continue reading this post (login required). 

NAIOPWA Advocacy Update: Expedited Voluntary Cleanup Program

Update & Summary for August 3, 2020: 
The WA Dept. of Ecology's new Expedited VCP, launched on July 1, 2020, is a self-sustaining process with dedicated staff to respond quickly to the needs of developers working under compressed schedules. The time to get through the expedited VCP could be as short as 4 months compared to 18 months (or more) under the regular VCP. The new program also allows moving sites in the regular VCP to the Expedited VCP as long as certain requirements are met.

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Executive Order: Construction Guidance Released on Washington State's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Order

NAIOP, along with AGC, requested clarification on Governor Inslee's recent “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order as it relates to construction activities. The newly released Construction Guidance Memo is online.

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NAIOPWA Requests Extension on Implementation of State Construction Code | MFTE Task Force

graphic with NAIOPWA logo and COVID 19 response in text on blue textured background

In support of our 1,000+ association members, the commercial real estate business industry and the community at large, NAIOP Washington State has submitted an official request to Governor Jay Inslee and to the State Building Code Council requesting a 6-month delay in implementation of new building codes, to January 1, 2021.

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NAIOP WA honored with record three awards at 2018 Chapter Legislative & Leadership Retreat

Congratulations to the NAIOPWA Government Affairs and Membership Committees, as well as our own Executive Director Peggi Lewis Fu for top honors at NAIOP's 2018 Chapter Legislative and Leadership Retreat! Our volunteer and staff leadership were honored with 2018 Chapter Merit Awards for above-and-beyond efforts, including the most new members in 2017.

Special thanks to our Government Affairs chairs, Nancy Rogers and Donnie Belk, and board liaison Ann Bishop; and our 2017 Membership chairs, Danny Jackson and Steve Cory, and board liaison Monty Kilcup; as well as 2017 Chapter President Kristin Jensen. You make NAIOPWA the leading organization for CRE professionals in Washington State.

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Budget Stalemate in Olympia: Possible tax increases that impact the commercial real estate industry

The 2017 session of the Washington State Legislature is now in its second 30-day special session in order to find agreement on the level and sources of funding for the McCleary decision to fully fund K-12 education. The legislature is expected to reach agreement by the end of the special session on June 21, or by June 30, the final day of the current biennium.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled in McCleary that school districts’ reliance on local levies, and the ability of local communities to pay for those levies, varied dramatically around the state and resulted in inequitable funding of K-12 education. The legislature’s challenge has been to equitably fund education statewide.

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This is why NAIOP works. [Local News]

This is why NAIOP works.

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