Facing An Unprecedented Food Crisis, Farmer Frog Supports Local Communities and Agriculture Producers

NAIOP Washington State is proud to continue our partnership with Farmer Frog, one of this year’s Community Enhancement food drive beneficiaries.

Facing a new crisis, agricultural producers are receiving order and contract cancellations, as well as significantly lower demand for their crops. This has significantly halted the food supply chain. Farmer Frog purchases food from farmers at cost, collects donated items, gleans foods to share and distribute – even USDA provided boxes – all in large volumes, six days a week to over 410 community organizations.

Food insecurity brought on by COVID-19, massive consumer gaps in the restaurant industry, and low crop projections for 2021 are a few of the challenges Farmer Frog are addressing in this extraordinary time. They were able to rescue 3 million pounds of would-be-destroyed produce in a matter of 12 weeks, significantly addressing these dire impacts brought on by the stress of the pandemic and relieving some of the burden on local farming operations.

They are now focusing on food distribution. They have partnered up as the site, distribution, and facilitation team with EastWest Food Rescue. Since May 1, Farmer Frog has supported over 1.5 million people with their produce rescue operation. They are beginning to reach other states as well, where they can connect suppliers to communities in need.

Your support of our Community Enhancement project will help them provide much needed items for the families they are helping throughout the state of Washington. Click below to support Farmer Frog.

Click here to support Community Enhancement 2020 and Farmer Frog
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