February 2021 Government Affairs Update + WA Legislature 2021 Report – Week 7

NAIOPWA Member McKenzie Darr of The Wolff Company has compiled a concise update of our chapter advocacy updates, including news and bills we're keeping our eye onFor more information about getting involved with NAIOPWA's government affairs efforts, click here.


The 2021 legislative session is underway. NAIOPWA is publishing exclusive weekly legislative updates online for chapter members. Select key pieces of legislation proposed this session are outlined below. 

Rent Control (SB 5139)

  • Did not make it out of committee.

Capital Gains Tax (SB 5096)

  • Seattle Times published an OpEd opposing capital gains. 
  • The latest version does not include real estate. 

Tax Increment Financing (HB 1189)

  • Enables local jurisdictions to adopt tax increment financing. 

Just Cause Evictions (HB 1236)

  • Specifies the situations in which the landlord has the authority to terminate residential tenancy. 
  • Similar to legislation already in place in Seattle.

Residential Tenant Protections (SB 5160)

  • Requires landlords establish payment plans for unpaid rent from March 2020 until the end of the public health emergency. Monthly installments for unpaid rent must be 1/3 or less of the monthly rent payment. 
  • Establishes a court-based eviction resolution program that must be used prior to filing an unlawful detainer for non-payment of rent.
  • Requires the state to appoint an attorney for indigent tenants, defined as tenants receiving various forms of governmental aide or those earning less than 200% of the federally established poverty level

MFTE (SB 5287)

  • Maintains existing affordability requirements for the 8- and 12-year exemptions and allows for a 12-year extension, subject to 20% affordability.
  • Adds a variety of tenant protections & enables local jurisdictions to require prevailing wage.
  • NAIOP has been heavily engaged in the MFTE work group and is advocating for further study of the proposed changes to the program to evaluate if modifications would negatively impact participation. 


Housing Coalition Letter: This letter provides an overview of our growing coalition’s high-level priorities for affordable housing. We are united behind a strong sense of urgency for significantly increasing Bellevue’s housing pipeline across all price points, but particularly for middle-income, workforce, and low-income residents.


  • Three City Council members are up for re-election this year, including the current Mayor.
  • There’s a Council work session on the MFTE program on March 15


  • Candidates are emerging for Council, Mayor, & City Attorney. NAIOP is starting to evaluate if & how to support candidates.
  • NAIOP is meeting regularly with SDCI to discuss potential entitlement/permitting process improvements.


  • The City is updating their transportation & park impact fees. The update being discussed by Council includes adoption of park impact fees for nonresidential uses.
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