Local Elections Signal Cautious Optimism for CRE, Advocacy Wins in City of Seattle

The latest results of the 2023 Seattle City Council election indicate a new phase for NAIOPWA’s local advocacy.  Through a substantial fundraising effort, we were able to support candidates in key races who offer a change in direction for many important issues our industry faces.

Creating a business-friendly environment that provides economic and development opportunities in Seattle and beyond remains a top priority. The many volunteers and funders who have devoted time, energy, and resources to this effort are at the heart of our organization.

There is critical momentum heading into 2024. NAIOPWA looks forward to working with both re-elected and newly elected officials to continue our ongoing efforts in fighting for our 1,100+ members. We expect key issues to be addressed in the coming year:

  • Rent Control/Rent Stabilization. NAIOP Washington State will continue to oppose any effort to remove the state preemption for rent control or rent stabilization. We know these bills are harmful to the growth and prosperity of Washingtonians, and they stifle housing creation.
  • Real Estate Excise Taxes/Transfer Taxes. Despite defeating REET in 2023, we are aware that bills similar to the ones quashed last year will return. We will continue the fight against taxes that increase the cost of development.
  • Public Safety. Our members create spaces in which Washingtonians live, work, and play. Public safety is central to thriving communities, and we will advocate for policies that increase safety at the state and local levels.
  • Impact Fees. As development costs continue to rise, NAIOPWA will oppose any efforts to pass or increase impact fees in the City of Seattle and beyond. In a time of housing shortage, impact fees only worsen the development pipeline.
  • Rezoning/Upzoning. NAIOPWA will continue to work with municipalities and other key stakeholders to advocate for increased density and sensible zoning changes that encourage development and bring economic opportunity to important areas in the Puget Sound region.

This election is a direct result of our work and the work of our members. While we are encouraged by the anticipated shift in direction, we know that our efforts do not end here. NAIOP Washington State remains focused on providing thoughtful, strategic advocacy for our members and industry.

To contribute to our Government Affairs program, visit naiopwa.org/advocacy.

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