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 NAIOP Washington State | PO Box 24183 | Seattle, WA  98124
Phone: 206-382-9121 Fax: 206-274-6247

NAIOPWA operates with a small staff. We return all email and voicemail messages within two business days.

Peggi Lewis Fu

Peggi Lewis Fu, Executive Director
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]
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Danielle Duvall, Member Engagement Manager
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]

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Sarah Grammar, Events and Administrative Coordinator
NAIOP Washington State
206-866-5130 (direct)
[email protected]
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Benjamin Cadman, Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator
NAIOP Washington State
206-691-8993 (direct)
[email protected]
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Daphne Adair

Daphne Adair, Communications Manager
NAIOP Washington State
[email protected]
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Greg Hanon, State Lobbyist
[email protected]

Natalie Quick, Local/Regional Public Affairs Consultant
Natalie Quick Consulting
[email protected]