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Bryce Taylor has been a fixture of the NAIOP community for over 30 years. He got involved in the early ‘90s to jumpstart his career, at the behest of Ted Sive with Lease Crutcher Lewis. Bryce says he “joined NAIOP and immediately got involved with the Community Enhancement Committee – and never regretted it.” Throughout decades of uncertainty and change, Bryce has remained connected to his colleagues through our association. “I have developed hundreds of great relationships through NAIOP.”

We interviewed Bryce about his involvement with NAIOP, the arc of his career, and the impact he’s had on the industry and community.

NAIOP: You’ve been at GLY for over 10 years, in the industry for over 35, and a NAIOP member for a considerable amount of time as well. What has kept you a member of NAIOP for so long? 

Bryce Taylor: NAIOP is an organization where relationships can be made, and since the commercial real estate industry is based almost solely on relationships, there is not a better way to get connected and stay connected than with being a part of NAIOP.   

NAIOP: Let’s go back to an earlier time in your life, before you began your career in real estate and even before your career in engineering. If you hadn’t gone into your current field, what profession would you have chosen and why?

BT: I have always had a curious nature with a never-ending need to understand how and why things work. Growing up my parents where rather upset with me when I would dismantle radios, toasters, etc. to figure out how they work, well at least until they realized that as I learned, I could also use that knowledge to fix things. I always loved designing and building things early in life and never let ‘not knowing’ how to do something be a problem, because I could always learn how to do it.

Coming out of college with a degree in Architectural + Structural Engineering, I had 3 separate resumes, one as a Structural Engineer, one as an Architect, and one as an Industrial Designer. Probably would have been an Industrial Designer, designing and building furniture, if it would have paid more to start.

Connections are important to Bryce, who is the Business Development Director at GLY, and NAIOP is one of the most surefire ways he is able to meet and network with industry colleagues. Bryce says that his "favorite part [of NAIOP] is working with others on a common goal and creating lasting friendships.”

Bryce certainly has made numerous friends within the association and greater CRE community, and his impact on and friendship with others is one of his most identifiable qualities. Chris Broadgate says about Bryce:

“Bryce is one of those individuals with a superior ability to make people feel welcome and valued. My first experience with him was as a newcomer to a large group meeting where he did just that. Bryce’s meetings are always fun enough to keep everyone engaged and boost productivity, but not so fun you forget about the business at hand. I always look forward to a meeting with Bryce, because I know he will of course be prepared, knowledgeable and insightful, but the real pleasure comes from the fun factor Bryce keeps stoked all the time. His contributions over the years to the real estate community and the community in general are admirable. If everyone could be more like Bryce, the world would be a much better place.” 

Bryce has served on many committees during his time in the association, but his most notable involvement has been with the Community Enhancement Committee (CEC). In helping others who are less fortunate, he says, the committee can drive positive outcomes for the area.

NAIOP: Your work with Community Enhancement has done so much good for our region. Could you tell us what draws you to this committee and the work that it does?

BT: Community Enhancement allows me to use my skills to help others who are less fortunate and provide a positive outcome. The CEC committee members are all driven to make a difference and that synergy amongst the group is infectious and makes you want to do better to help the less fortunate.   

Spend just a few minutes talking with him, and you will see Bryce’s ability to create and spread that synergy. Colleagues champion his humorousness and camaraderie on projects and how effective it is for creating a successful team. To quote Tim Syverson: 

“With his passion for the [CEC] mission, technical and business expertise, and sense of humor, Bryce has led by example in various formal and informal roles on the CEC to engage and mentor committee members, serve as a liaison with and advocate for our project ‘clients,’ and expand NAIOP’s visibility. We have all benefited from Bryce’s contributions…”

Bryce has also participated in the yearly mentorship program, offering insight and advice to professionals early in their careers. But at the start of his own career, Bryce also received mentorship and guidance, which gave him the tools to chart a trajectory in commercial real estate.

NAIOP: Who have been some mentors for you over the years? What important lessons did you learn from their guidance?

BT: I have been fortunate to have lots of great mentors over the years, too many to pick just a one or even a few. The important lesson that I learned over the years is to listen intently to what others have to say, and not to dismiss it at the time and give it some serious thought. It is much easier for others to see your strengths and weaknesses even though you may not see it. 

NAIOP: Any final thoughts?

BT: Enjoy life, and make a difference. Oh, and join NAIOP. You won’t regret it.

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